Our Products

Welcome to 3A Building Materials

We have been a superior supplier of building materials in South Australia, with our comprehensive range of premium building materials. Our wide range of core building materials enables us to offer the best price-All Day-Everyday!

We believe that our clients, whether they are Tradespeople, Builders, or Renovators, benefit from our innovative products. Our friendly staff will be able to guide you through the entire selection and installation process, and pride themselves on their superior service. For competitive prices and quality service, look no further than 3A Building Materials.


Whether you are looking for vinyl, timber flooring, or carpet 3A Building Materials has you covered. We are experienced and passionate flooring advisors, and that’s why customers always return to us. Our team will conduct a professional installation and have the ability to install:

  • Laminate flooring
  • Bamboo flooring
  • Timber flooring
  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Carpet Tiles
  • Carpet
  • Tiles

Let our team help you to design your dream room with high quality flooring and installation.