What is laminate flooring?

Laminate is a glued HDF (High Density Fibre) floor. These boards are light weight, hard scratch floor and have a click system. They usually have four layers: 1) Wear layer  2) Colour and Design  3)  Glued HDF layer  4) Backing board.  Laminate can range from 8mm to 14mm and some ranges are water resistant. Here are a few ranges we sell: 3A laminate 8.3mm, Evolution 8mm & 12mm, Kronoswiss 8mm&12mm&14mm, Aqua plank 8mm &12mm, Oakleaf 12mm

Engineered Timber

What is engineered timber?

This product is also a composite wood system. The top is real timber around 3-4mm thick with a plywood like core. This product is available in a click and Tongue & Grove system. The surface on engineered timber isn’t as durable as laminate but most engineered timber can be re sanded. Here are a few ranges we sell: Hermitage Prestige Oaks 14mm, Hermitage Inspire 14mm, Villa 14mm, Pronto 14mm, Select 14mm



What is hybrid flooring?

Hybrid flooring is a hard, scratch and stain resistant board that is water proof. They are made mostly of limestone/PVC composite core (some are fibreglass) with a wear layer on the top and the design & colour.  Most hybrids have an acoustic underlay backing and are a click system. These products range from 4mm-7mm. Here are a few ranges we sell: Ridge Plank 6mm, Heartbridge 4mm & 7mm, Aspire 6.5mm, Sunplank 5mm



What are carpets made from?

There are many choices of carpets on the market. There are made from different fibres such as wool, nylon, olefin, polyester and acrylic. There styles of the pile surface vary from twist, plush, berber and level loops. Carpets vary in weight from 12oz to 70oz.  Here are a few ranges we sell: Cubes, Amorian, Ambition, Joy, Enchant


Carpet tiles

What are carpet tiles made from?

Carpet tiles are available in square and plank design. They are made from nylon and polyester with a PVC rubber backing. Some ranges also have cushion backing, this style is better for acoustic rating. These products are great for commercial use. Here are a few ranges we sell: Satellite, Chino, Mild Brick



What is Vinyl flooring?

Sheet vinyl flooring is available in 2,3 and 4mtr wide. Sheet vinyl comes in domestic and commercial styles. This vinyl is water proof and has a PVC wear layer varies from 0.19mm to 0.3mm. The overall thickness of vinyl is from 2mm up to 5mm. Some vinyls have cushion centre for extra comfort and the backing can be PVC or felt back.  Here are a few ranges we sell: Pegulan Tx, Pegulan Regal, Bronze collection, Kansas Collection

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