Penny Lane

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Penny Lane- Product Specifications


Country of Origin: Australia

Description: Cut Pile Twist

Yarn: 100% Solution Dyed Polyester

Colors: 1185 Truffle, 5510 Canvas, 5540 Parchment
5565 Vintage, 7720 Pebble Bay, 7730 Suede
7740 Greystone, 7750 Urban Stipple, 7760 Android
7790 Onyx

Gauge: 31.5/10cm(1/8 Gauge)

Pattern Repeat: Tuft Wide N-A cm, Tuft Long N-A cm, Print Wild N-A cm, Print Long N-A cm

Pile Height: 11.5mm

Width: 3.66 meters


Stain Treatment: Nill
Warranties** : 5 Yr Wear

Indoor Air Quality: Green Building Council & Green Label Plus Compliant for VOC’s Emlsslon Rate Limits
Accreditation: Member of the Green Building Council of Australia
Manufactured under Godfrey Hirst’s management system certified as complying with ISO9001 & IOS 14001



PDF file available here:

Penny Lane Specs

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