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Oregon-Product Specifications


Description: Tufted Patterned Loop Pile

Yarn construction: 100% Statron Solution Dyed Nylon

Total Pile weight: 745gms/m2 -22oz/yd^2 (Tolerance ±5%)

Pile Height: 4.0mm (Tolerance ±1mm)

Machine Gauge: 39.4 per 100mm – 1/10th gauge

Primary backing: Woven Polypropylene

Secondary backing: Synthetic

Width: 3.66 meters [broadloom]

Area of use : Contract Extra Heavy Duty & Stairs Reg. No.10121

Latex: Synthetic

Electrostatic Propensity : Permanent Conductive Fibre < 3.0 KV at 21C and 20% RH

Radiant Heat Source : CHF – 9.3 kw/m^2
AS ISO 9239.1.2003 Smoke Value – 60% min
[APL Test Report No.072362 based on a direct stick installation]

Indoor Air Quailty : Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC’S)
Emission level test results for this product comply with Green Label Plus criteria and Green Buliding Vouncil requirements. (test results are available on request)
Stain Protection : StainWarden
IWS 282-1992 New : 4
After 5 steam cleans : 4

Extractable Matter
Dichloromethane Extract
A.S.2001.3.4 : 1.0% Maximum

Resistance to insect pests
A.S.2001.6.1 : PASS

Tuft Withdrawal force
A.S.2111.15 : 30 Newtons(minimum)

Secondary backing adhesion
A.S.2111.16 : 30 Newtons(minimum)

Color fastness to light
B.S 1006.B02 : 6(min)

Color fastness to Solvents
A.S.2001.4.16 : 4-5 minimum

Color fastness to Shampoo:
A.S.2111.19.2 : 4-5 minimum

Color fastness to Rubbing
A.S.2111.19.1 : 4-5 minimum

Color fastness to Bleaching
A.S.2001.4.11 : 4-5 minimum

Color fastness to Water
A.S.2001.4.8 : 4-5 minimum


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