Mystic Charm


MYSTIC- Product Specifications


Description: Cut Pile Twist

Fibre type: 100% Solution Dyed Nylon

Yarn construction: 2 Ply

Total Pile weight: 1090gms/m2 -32oz/yd^2

Pile Height: 8.0mm

Machine Gauge: 1/8th gauge

Primary backing: Woven Polypropylene

Secondary backing: Smart Bak

Width: 3.66 meters

ACCS Rating: Residential Extra Heavy Duty & Stairs- Registration No.29037

Extractable matter
Dichloromethane Extract
A.S.2001.3.4 : 1.5% Maximum

Resistance to insect pests
A.S.2001.6.1 : PASS

Tuft Withdrawal force
A.S.2111.15 : 10 Newtons(minimum)

Secondary backing adhesion
A.S.2111.16 : 30 Newtons(minimum)

Color fastness to light
B.S 1006.B02 : 5-6(Subject to color selection)

Color fastness to Shampoo:
A.S.2111.19.2 : 3-4 minimum

Color fastness to rubbing
A.S.2111.19.1 : 3-4 minimum(Subject to color selection)


PDF file available here:

Mystic Charm

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